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Anna Dibble’s work is always based in the wild. “It’s about the time of life on earth: from early Ordovician oceans, through the layers of rocks and fossils, to the current dysfunctional ecosystem we’ve managed to create during our march of folly. Non-linear, circular time. The past in the present,” the artist states.  Her work is driven by her love of and place within the natural world, and her deep concern for its future. The artist’s working process is a search, as she says “A daily reach towards progress, a shuffle, an excavation and a strange hope.”

Anna Dibble’s current series began at a crossing place. The paintings bring the viewer into a world of beauty and new found solitude illustrative of a new uncertain life under construction. The animals Dibble is so well known for are still present in her current paintings, now inhabiting the wilderness through which the artist seems to be traveling. This body of work is evidence of a personal mythology the viewer is privileged to experience.