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October 25th & 26th, 10-5p
Oriental Carpet Bazaar

Mouawia Bouzo and Deborah Felmeth will host an Oriental Carpet Bazaar at Northern Daughters featuring Tribal Rugs, Vintage Carpets and Kilims from Syria, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Iran.

“The carpets we sell bring with them their stories, the spirit of the lives of the weavers and the lives of those who used the rugs and sold them, bought them again and moved them, from desert to mudbrick village, to palatial rooms in ornate Damascene houses with multiple courtyards, to modern apartments in high-rise suburbs. It is fair to say these carpets are full of life.

Our backgrounds assist us in choosing the carpets and rugs from experience and from the bone for between us we are native to the heart of the Middle East and of the weavers tribe. Experience as a weaver of fabric, beginning in 1978, laid the groundwork for understanding the complexity and the intricacy of carpets, looms and fibers, techniques and designs. It is an ongoing study.”

Open by appointment Sunday Oct. 27th and Monday Oct 28th